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Open Joint Stock Company

"Kurgan Plant of Road Machines"



Open Joint Stock Company (OAO) "Kurgan Plant of Road Machines" was founded in 1941.

The plant was evacuated within the first months of the Great Patriotic War from Kremenchug, the Ukraine, and oriented for the production of road-building and public service machinery.


High scientific, engineering and technical potential accumulated for more than 60 years of activity allows to solve the most difficult and important tasks. Based on its own technical and historical experience "Kurgandormash" became a leader in the manufacture of tank trucks, public service machinery, as well as of tap pavers and bitumen trucks, which are indispensable at building, repair and use of roads, buildings and structures with the application of liquid construction materials.




In different years samples of Kurgan machinery were demonstrated at various exhibitions, including international ones (in 12 countries). The enterprise's awards show that the products of "Kurgandormash" are recognized both in Russia and abroad.

In 1969, tap paver C-164 won the Great Golden Medal in Leipzig. Other machines were favorably reported of, which design and production were marked with 4 silver and 14 bronze medals of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. In June 2001, the State Committee of the RF for Construction and Housing and Communal Complex held the All-Russian contest for the best enterprise engaged in the development, production and use of new domestic road-building and public service machinery. OAO "Kurgandormash" became this contest's laureate. It demonstrated its new developments that have no analogues in Russia: bitumen and crushed stone distributor C-180, street sweeper KO-318 (with vacuum intake).

"Kurgandormash" trade mark is known not only in Russia, but in distant and near foreign countries as well. The plant's products are known in 50 countries of the world, including India and China, Chile and Argentine, Poland and Yugoslavia, as well as Syria, Iraq, Congo, and Mali.

Currently all subdivisions of "Kurgandormash" are managed by energetic and business-like specialists, whose well-organized work has ensured highly productive labour of the whole staff, allowing to manufacture a series of new products. These are tank trains and tank semitrailers for light oils, fuel-servicing trucks (various options), oil-delivery trucks, tank-trailers, watering machines and gritters, drinking water trucks, trucks for transporting loose materials (a cement carrier, a grain carrier, a flour carrier), public service machines, bitumen and crashed stone distributors and tank equipment for oil products storage (acid, alkali, water and other liquids) with the volume from 3 to 100 m3.


The plant's future is connected with the 2nd site improvement, which houses an optional equipment workshop with an oil storage and a boiler-house, an electric power substation and a water supply system. In 2001, a workshop of 4000 m2 in space was put into service, which is planned to use for the manufacture of large-capacity machinery.

Besides, the enterprise's main workshops and plant management buildings have been reconstructed and repaired, the plant's territory along with the territory of neighbouring streets was improved.

Competitive prices with constantly high quality will be the key point of our cooperation. According to our calculations these prices will be lower than the prices of other manufacturers of the same products.


We are ready to work on the most profitable terms with our partners and will consider any offers with interest and attention.