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Open joint-stock company "Silvinit" 

General Director Petr I. Kondrashev 

14, Mira Street, Perm Region, Russian Federation, 618540

Tel.: (34253) 5-31-18, 5-34-09, 7-01-87 

Fax: (34253) 5-15-06, 7-01-69 

E-mail: post@silvinit.ru

Web: www.silvinit.ru


Nowadays JSC "Silvinit" is a modern industrial complex, including three mine administrations, the mine construction administration, the industrial port, the railway transport administration, the administration of commerce and public catering. JSC Silvinit employs more than 10 thousand people.

JSC "Silvinit" produces some kinds of potassium chloride: grades fine, granular, technical, supplied for export; salts: common salt, salt for cattle-breeding, rock salt (technical), sea-salt "Achilles"; enriched carnallite; aromatizing additives for baths with biologically active effect; natural mineral sylvinite for speleological clinics and speleological therapeutic constructions.